Opt-In Aged Solar Leads

Gain access to opt-in solar leads of homeowners who are ready to take the next step in getting solar panels installed on their roof. 


At Qualified Solar Leads we work diligently with a number of different publishers and in-house marketers to generate qualified solar leads from a number of different sources such as Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Retargeting, Email, Retargeting, and other online sources.


Get access to leads of different ages that convert to give industry-leading cost per acquisition!


We have taken our expertise in growing solar companies as large as 9 figures in annual revenue and generated a model that works for the entire industry.


Whether you are a small channel partner, or large solar installer our solar leads are excited to hear more about solar and to save some money on their electric bill!

Qualified Solar Leads

We ask the right questions to get all qualifiers to ensure that our leads are interested in solar and are ready to take the next step to learn more!

CRM Integrations

We integrate directly with all CRM platforms as long as they have an open API. Seamlessly integrate our solar leads into your existing work flow.

Best Industry Pricing

Get the best ROI on your outbound dialing initiatives with our competitve pricing on aged solar leads!

Quality Control

All of our aged solar leads are filtered and reviewed prior to being delivered to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Ready to Set More Solar Appointments

Let us empower you!

The aged solar leads we have here at QSL are a product we are proud to stand behind and it is providing a ton of success to our clients. Many of our clients have done repeat orders on our leads which is a testament to our quality and continued ability to deliver a product that converts!


The solar leads business is by nature a very difficult business to be in because there are many bad actors out there that are delivering leads that are not what they advertise or charge for. We are here to make a difference in the space and restore trust to companies that have been burned by lead vendors in the past.


What are you waiting for Try out our best-in-class aged solar leads and see why we are the most trusted and best-converting vendor in this industry!

Let us improve your business!

Partner with Qualified Solar Leads and get access to the industry’s most effective solar leads, solar appointments, solar live transfers, and aged solar leads.