Solar Live Transfer Campaigns

Get direct live transfers with vetted homeowners who are ready to take the next steps on their solar journey!


The team here at QSL work to call homeowners and get all qualified information such as utility bill amount, current utility provider, and all other contact and home information. Once they have been vetted we initialize a warm live transfer directly to you and your team.


Sit back, relax, and wait for your phone to ring with inbound qualified and vetted leads that simply need to pick a time for their appointment with your solar company!

Inbound Phone Routing

Give us your best phone line either direct or to an inbound queue or ring group to reach your team! We do all of the work and give you a warm handoff with interested home owners.

CRM Integrations

We integrate directly with all CRM platforms as long as they have an open API. Seamlessly integrate our live transfer lead data directly to the platforms you are using!

Script Customization

Provide our team with any specifics that need to be added to our script and qualifiers for your campaign!

Quality Control

All of our live transfers are reviewed by our quality assurance department to ensure that the quality remains consistent and we can constantly optimize the campaigns with our team.

Its Time for Exponential Growth

Let us deliver that for you!

The experienced solar live transfer agents at QSL has over a decade of experience with solar projects and understand the value propositions for each and every state in the US. Using high-quality solar leads we are able to generate interest, excitement, and buying intent on each and every live transfer we send to your team.


All live transfers must remain on the line with our agent so that we can do a warm handoff and formal introduction to your organization.


Our team gathers all relevant qualifiers for your live transfer leads including the monthly bill amount, utility provider, roof age, spouse attendance, and many other useful notes for setting up appointments succesfully.

Let us improve your business!

Partner with Qualified Solar Leads and get access to the industry’s most effective solar leads, solar appointments, solar live transfers, and aged solar leads.