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You’re here because you’re looking for qualified solar leads. We’re here to make getting them easy.

Scale your business with leads and appointments that convert!

Qualified Solar Leads was founded by professionals in the solar industry who wanted a better business process for solar companies. With almost a decade of experience in getting qualified solar leads, setting solar appointments, and doing live transfers to your solar sales team – when you hire Qualified Solar Leads you’re on your way to becoming a leader in the solar industry. 


Our team has helped scale solar companies from start-up level to 9 Figures in a few short years. With stellar sales techniques, data optimization, and outstanding lead management


The team at Qualified Solar Leads knows what works and we use our knowledge and skills to ensure you succeed in solar!

We are the solar appointment partner you hae been waiting for!

We pre-qualify leads based on the criteria you set

We set the appointment for you

All appointments delivered directly to your CRM or lead management system!

Fuel your call center with Aged Solar Leads that convert!

Our leads are generated from in house and top-tier publishers!

High ROI and different age durations available!

Our trained call center initiates the call with prospects and gathers all qualifiers prior to transferring the call to your call center or sales team.

Speak with live home owners who are ready to schedule an appointment!

Qualified Solar Leads generates thousands of exclusive solar leads everyday.

You’ll get:
Leads that can post into any CRM
100% Exclusive
100% TCPA Compliant
Industries Most Competitive Pricing

QSL has the top performing shared solar leads!

Shared solar leads are shared with 2 - 3 solar installers

Take advantage of our high volume and competitively priced shared real-time solar leads.

With almost a decade of experience in solar lead generation we know what works and what doesn’t with qualified solar customers.

We help your solar sales team close solar deals - all day, every day.


Top-Tier Solar Leads

Qualified Solar Leads uses our almost decade of experience in the solar industry to get you the leads that convert, meaning MORE SALES FOR YOU!

Prospects That Convert

We send you prospects that want to get started on solar today! Our data hygiene and vast publisher network ensure you are getting the best quaity product! 

The Bottom Line

We have helped some of the largest solar companies in the industry get the TCPA Compliant leads they need to run their business! 

You can rely on Qualified Solar Leads

High Quality Solar Leads

We have worked with top rated solar companies who are looking to buy solar leads and buy solar appointments.

We are want to share with you how to make your business a solar success!

Leading Solar Lead Experts

Our team has worked in the solar lead industry for almost a decade with some of the top solar companies.

We know the importance of good data management, and we relish the challenge of ensuring our leads are TCPA compliant. Our main goal is to help you get the solar appointments you want and make the solar sales you desire.

Complete Solutions

Qualified Solar Leads offers solar leads programs and packages for every solar business. Whether you are a solo solarpreneur or run a large call center, our solar lead options will help decrease your costs and increase your bottom line.

Flexible Pricing

We want you to succeed in your solar business.

We offer several different models of lead generation so every solar business can find one that fits their budget.

As a solar business owner, you don’t want to buy just any solar leads – you want to buy QUALIFIED solar leads. 


Qualified Solar Leads connects you with the people ready to get started on their solar energy journey.


People are looking for a solar company to help them get started on making the world a better place.


People who have researched and decided that solar is for them because they cleaner, greener, price-protected energy! 


Whatever the reasons are for those starting their renewable energy journey, Qualified Solar Leads (QSL) is here to connect qualified solar leads with you and your solar company. 


QSL delivers qualified solar leads, filled with people who want to buy solar, to your solar team. From gathering the leads to setting the solar appointments, Qualified Solar Leads is your one-stop shop. 


When you’re ready to buy solar leads and want to buy solar appointments, Qualified Solar Leads is the business you want to work with. 

We integrate seamlessly into your sales process

No matter if you have a small team or a 500-person call center we have the right product for you. Take advantage of all we have to offer to find the sweet spot with the proper Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) that makes sense for your business.

We teach you how to be successful with our appointments, live transfers, and leads. Our relationships with our clients are intimate and not transactional.

Qualified Solar Leads

Let us improve your business!

We are here to provide a top-tier product that will move the needle for you and your solar company. Take the next step and hold us accountable for consistent results!