Hot Solar Appointments Ready To Buy

After years in the solar industry, the founders of QSL have decided to make it easy for other solar companies to get qualified solar appointments that are ready to buy!


We have taken our expertise in growing solar companies as large as 9 figures in annual revenue and generated a model that works for the entire industry.


Whether you are a small channel partner, or large solar installer our appointments are ready and excited to hear more about solar and to save some money on their electric bill!

Email Delivery

Get all of your appointments delivered real-time via email to an individual or group within your solar company!

CRM Integrations

We integrate directly with all CRM platforms as long as they have an open API. Seamlessly integrate our scheduled solar appointments into your existing work flow.

Script Customization

Provide our team with any specifics that need to be added to our script and qualifiers for your campaign!

Quality Control

All of our appointments are reviewed by our quality assurance department to ensure they have the proper expectations and to limit disqualifications!

Ready to Sell More Solar?

You are in the right place!

The seasoned team of appointment setters at QSL has over a decade of experience with solar projects and understands the value propositions for each and every state in the US. Using high-quality solar leads we are able to generate interest, excitement, and buying intent on each an every appointment we provide to your team.


All appointments are pre-qualified using satellite imagery to see if there is any issue with the roof or tree shading.


Our team gathers all relevant qualifiers for your appointment including monthly bill amount, utility provider, roof age, spouse attendance, and many other useful notes for your sales rep!

Let us improve your business!

Partner with Qualified Solar Leads and get access to the industry’s most effective solar leads, solar appointments, solar live transfers, and aged solar leads.